Magickal Month- May 2020

Magickal Month- May 2020
Magickal Month- May 2020

Beltane kicks off this month of fun, frolicking, fertility, and oh yeah, staying at home some more. This is a mixed blessing for a lot of people, as I know a lot of folks are getting things done around the house. It’s nice to know that when we’re able to get out and about again, we’ll have prettier, more organized homes to come back to.

Some people see Beltane as the start of Summer, and I can see why. The warm air feels like it’s here for a while, and the AC has been running. The frogs are singing in the swamp, geese are coming and going, and there’s a new kitten somewhere under our house that we can’t seem to find- a product of Spring’s mating rush.

Our little garden is in the ground thanks to Husbear’s hard work, and we just planted a jasmine vine that had a few blossoms already open. Jasmine was the only thing that I knew I wanted for sure at this house, and now that I have it, I feel settled and happy. We had some surprise irises that are gone now, and so are the tulips. But the hostas are fully open and the lilies are set to give us some spectactular flowers in a few weeks. I’m grateful for all the landscaping that was done before we moved here. Now I just need to weed.

So where have you redirected your fertility energy for May? Since we aren’t going out into the world as much, have you had any success turning that fertility inwards?

Birthstones: Emerald

May 7, 6:45am EST Full Moon (Scorpio)
May 22, 1:39pm EST New Moon (Gemini)

May 5-6: Eta Aquarid Meteor Shower
May 11: Saturn goes retrograde
May 13: Venus goes retrograde
May 14: Jupiter goes retrograde

Celtic Tree Month:
Willow (April 15th- May 12th): Resonance and harmony, creativity, fertility, feminine rights of passage, inspiration, love, love divination, sleep with a willow wand for vivid dreams, protection for underworld journeying, found near water, spring cleaning physically/mentally/emotionally/spiritually, letting go of the past.
Hawthorn (May 13th- June 9th); Matters of the heart, love, empowering relationships, fertility, union of male and female (Beltane), intimacy, passion, triple goddess, purification, cleanses the heart of negativity, under protection of faerie realm, guards wells and springs, happiness.

Holidays (mundane):
May 3: Billy Ocean Day
May 5: Cinco de Mayo
May 10: Mother’s Day
May 25: Memorial Day

Holidays (Pagan):
May 1: Beltane!

Themes and general activities for the month: Flowers, ribbons everywhere, beauty magick, fertility, joy, spending time with loved ones, tending the seeds we’ve planted, being outside when possible, finishing Spring cleaning.

Herbs I’m using: Jasmine tea, fresh catnip for the kitties, nag champa incense (amazing with my windows open and a breeze moving through).

Stones I’m using: Fluorite for creativity, jade for luck, and rose quartz for love and gentleness.

Goddess of the Month: Metis, Goddess of Wisdom. Her lesson is not only that we have the wisdom that we need to get through these ‘challenging times’, but that we shouldn’t dim our shine for the comfort of others. I love that in the context of the reading below.

3 card reading:

May 2020 Reading
May 2020 Reading

First, we start with The Emperor reversed. So the message here is that we need to stop trying to rationalize everything. We don’t necessarily need to be on top of our feelings, trying to keep discomfort under our thumb. We can flow with it and see what it might have to teach us. So we need to let the world be as it is, and see how we can adapt to the world, not try to adapt the world to our preferences.

Then, we see the 8 of Wands. This is a card of motion. Obviously, we’re not doing a lot of external work right now, but there’s something else that we can put into motion for ourselves. Is there a project you’ve been wanting to start? A path you’ve been wanting to take? How can you move forward in your life and level up?

Finally, we have the 6 of Pentacles. So we’re going to be getting a financial bonus of some sort. This may be a second stimulus package, or maybe all of the unemployment will come in in one lump sum. Either way, as long as we pay attention to the previous 2 cards, there may be a financial windfall for us!

Our special guidance card is Reveal Your Truth. I would love it if more people did this on the regular. Start a blog, create a YouTube channel, have a deep conversation with a friend, show your authentic self to the world and be an example to those who are too scared to share their truths. You have no idea what a difference it can make.

Night-Blooming Jasmine
By Giovanni Pascoli

And the night-blooming flowers open,
open in the same hour I remember those I love.
In the middle of the viburnums
the twilight butterflies have appeared.

After a while all noise will quiet.
There, only a house is whispering.
Nests sleep under wings,
like eyes under eyelashes.

Open goblets exhale
the perfume of strawberries.
A light shines there in the room,
grass sprouts over the graves.

A late bee buzzes at the hive
finding all the cells taken.
The Hen runs through the sky’s blue
yard to the chirping of stars.

The whole night exhales
a scent that disappears in the wind.
A light ascends the stairs;
it shines on the second floor: goes out.

And then dawn: the petals close
a little crumpled. Something soft
and secret is brooding in an urn,
some new happiness I can’t understand yet.

My personal tides and goals: I’ve just been working, working, working. Trying to make sure that we have enough financial slack to get us through while Husbear is still waiting for his unemployment. But he’s been working on the garden, and we’re looking forward to having watermelons, butternut squash, and yellow cherry tomatoes. We’re being productive in our own ways.

I’m kind of beating myself up over not having written more during this time. I need to work on that and make myself responsible for the things I’m not doing. I have a second book that’s half written, and I have no good excuse for not finishing it.