Deck Interview (kinda)- Super Attractor

This deck came to me for my birthday, a present from my wonderful sister. It was one that I knew I wanted, having loved Gabrielle Bernstein’s previous deck ‘The Universe Has Your Back’.

Neither of these decks are particularly great for oracle work, as they provide affirmations instead. I have used both as oracles, but that’s not really their strength. This deck would be great to draw a card whenever you’re feeling down, anxious, etc., to receive a nice affirmation from the universe. The art by Micaela Ezra backs this up too, as it’s colorful and evocative, and makes you feel calm and contemplative just to see it.

So how does one interview a deck like this? One doesn’t. One draws a card to share as a representative of the deck to show what it’s all about. And the card I drew is a doozy.

Super Attractor Deck Interview
Super Attractor Deck Interview

All in all, I recommend this deck a lot if you want to supplement your oracle or tarot decks with something a bit different. I like to draw one of these at the end of a reading to kind of wrap everything up and give the querant something to think about.

The cardstock is smooth and easy to shuffle, and the smooth matte finish helps the cards slide against each other. I will probably edge these, maybe just in black or grey to make the deck look a little more finished.

Do you have this deck or one like it? Let me know what you think of it, and blessed be!