I’m not going to explain..

..why I haven’t written, YET AGAIN.  I’m also not going to explain about how I’m not going to beat myself up about it.  

I’m not going to bitch about how I’m setting myself up with impossible standards, and that the authors whose dedication I admire have writing as their ONLY job.  (It’s my third job.)  I’m not going to whine about how Phantom has been gone for 3 hours now, and how terrified I am that something will happen on his 12 hour drive to Baltimore.  That’s for another blog. 

What I am going to do is to talk a bit about the book I’m reading and why I like it.  

It’s called Wolf Tales by Kate Douglass.  And it’s basically werewolf romance/porn.  It’s easy to tell that it’s one of her earlier books, although she’s been writing essays, articles, etc. for years and years.  But I have great hope for the series in a way that I didn’t have hope for other series that I’ve started and stuck with.  

I should also mention that I usually LOATHE anything with a romantic bent.  Also, I have a bit of a pet peeve about strange word choices.  And it’s driving me crazy how often various genitalia in this  book ‘weep’.  They don’t do that.  Also, pouting pussy lips.  Again, they just don’t do that.  So the word choices are rankling a bit, and I stop reading to find Phantom to tell him that someone’s junk was weeping again.  We then giggle.  That’s the kind of couple we are.

However, her sex scenes truly are unique, as is the premise of the ‘Chanku’, a dwindling breed of lycanthropes.  She really thought about how to make the story come alive, and the sex scenes usually have something wildly kinky or interesting about them that suck you in.  So to speak.  Also, the boys are bi.  NO bad there.

I’m digging the books.  They feel suspiciously like mindless, decadent reading, but the world is rich enough that I’m getting something from it.  If nothing else, I could use this kind of abandon in my sex scenes.  


Those who know me would be surprised to find how much trouble I have writing sex scenes.  I have no problems writing one-off pieces of erotica, because I love the idea of a moment in time, caught in a vignette without too much context to bog it down.  In a novel or long story, there’s context that must be taken into account, and the scene must further the story.  Characters must be developed, etc.  That’s a lot of pressure to put on one hot scene.

But reading authors that do things really WELL can only help with that.  I’ve mentioned Cherie Priest’s fabulous dialogue, and now we’ll add Kate Douglass’ hot sex scenes to my list of writing that inspires me.


At least with Phantom gone for a few days, I’ll have a lot of time to write.  I’ll be bloody bored otherwise.  *sigh*