Fiber Crafts and The Craft

Around September or October, I start getting the urge to work on fiber crafts. And it’s no wonder. In an agrarian society, there’s not a lot to do after the harvest and preservation is all done. The nights get longer, and we tend to go within and think more about quiet, peaceful activities after the Summer’s rush. The holidays are also around the corner, and it may be time to make handmade gifts as well.

But have you considered making your fiber crafts of choice a part of your magickal work as well? As you weave, stitch, knit, crochet, or quilt, you can chant magickal charms, embedding them into your work. You can even create a whole work dedicated to love, protection, abundance, any of the good wishes you would like to give to the lucky recipient of your work.

There’s a scene in a book (I’m not going to name the book because the author turned out to be a real shithead) where a woman scries as she spins yarn. I love that. The almost mindlessness of the spinning and the rhythm of pumping the pedal could definitely bring you into a deep trance state if you let it. Another book (where the author also turned out to be a shithead) described a woman who made wonderful sweaters for her magickal children, imbued with love and protection. I think the key is in what you concentrate on while you do your fiber arts.

Crochet- Everytime you push your needle through your work, imagine pushing your intention into the fabric you create.

Cross stitch- Say a charm as you create each stitch going in one direction, and then chant a second charm, meant to lock in the magick, as you stitch in the other direction.

Embroidery- Imagine ‘building’ your spell as you ‘build’ your design, keep checking in and thinking about your intention.

Knitting- Imagine the spell strengthening every time the needles click and clack together. Every loop ties your intention into the fabric.

Quilting- Piece together enchantments and affirmations as you stitch together the pieces of the quilt.

Sewing- Create something magickal, like a poppet or a pouch to carry sacred items, and breathe your intention into it.

Spinning- Chant your intention as you spin, imbuing the very fabric itself with your positive intentions.

You can do a lot of other things to imbue magick into your fiber crafts. Burn essential oils or incenses as you work to keep bringing you back to your intention. Stitch sigils or symbols onto your finished objects. Say a blessing over your finished objects before you give them to someone. And by all means, do your fiber crafts in a group with other witches. You can build some incredible energy that way!

What about you? Do you do any fiber crafts, and if so, have you considered adding magick to your crafting time? Please let me know in the comments, and blessed be! <3