February New Moon- Oracle

In this month’s bibliomancy adventure, we find our finger on the entry for Oracle. It explains that the oracle was seen as an intermediary between the divine and humankind, and the shrines of oracles were centers of spirituality, not just fortune-telling.

So how does this apply to me? Is this divination telling me that I need to up my spiritual game and work more towards being a spiritual coach rather than just a tarot reader? Is it telling me that I need to seek my own oracle in an effort to get my shit together? I could definitely use some mentorship, just not sure where to look. It definitely points to the idea that I need to broaden my focus a little. There’s also a suggestion that I need to add more of a social element to how I work, considering that the shrines of oracles were meeting places for seekers and practitioners alike.

So there’s a lot to consider here. How would you interpret this omen? Tell me in the comments below, and blessed be! <3