Elen of the Ways Annointing Oil

I’ve recently begun working with Elen of the Ways, and have been building an altar for her. There are a lot of components to the altar, including an image that I ordered from FreeRangeFaeries on Etsy, various stones, a dedicated candle, a pinecone I found in the middle of the road in Florida, and some acorns. But one thing that I was really missing was a good ritual oil dedicated to Elen.

So I did what any self-respecting witch would do, and I created one.

Elen of the Ways Annointing Oil

  • 25 drops Myrrh (for meditation, inner work, and the Goddess principle)
  • 25 drops Cedar (to represent her connection to the Wild Wood and for protection)
  • 15 drops Mugwort (for shamanic journeying and astral travel)
  • 13 drops Roman Chamomile (often grown on pathways to sweeten the step)
  • 1 drop Thyme (for courage on the path)

Add to a base of Sweet Almond Oil.

** Please be sure to use only one drop of Thyme essential oil. It’s extremely potent and will take over the blend if you use more than one drop. (Ask me how I know…) Use an eye dropper rather than using the dropper that comes with the bottle, just to be on the safe side.

The scent is woodsy and slightly minty, and reminds me of a nice walk in the forest, something that I think Elen would appreciate. She is, after all, the Goddess of those that are on a journey.

Let me know if you use this recipe and what you think! Blessed be. <3