DragonCon debrief, and into the future!

So DragonCon this year was amazing, as it always is.  I did something different this year, however, and I had a different experience.

I decided that I wouldn’t do what I’ve done in years past, which is sequestering myself in the Writer’s Track room and treating the con like a writer’s retreat.  I did this partially to change things up, and partially because I was on a cane due to a Pokemon Go injury, and had trouble getting around.  So I spent more time seeing Bear’s performances, hanging out with friends, and just generally sitting near a phone plug and soaking it all up.  I only went to 3 writing panels.  And only 1 of those seemed particularly useful.

(Interestingly, I did still have the experience of having that ONE friend that I just couldn’t match schedules up with, no matter what.  That seems universal.  :-D)

So I came out of DragonCon grateful for my friends (as always), with an idea for a new writing project (as always), wanting to organize myself and commit to a regular writing time (as always), but not nearly as inspired or educated as I normally feel.

I did, however, talk to some friends about starting a writing/creative accountability group, and I’m really feeling positive about that.  I think that we all face similar issues in our writing, and we can help each other.  Also, they’re just awesome, and it gives me an excuse to talk to them more.  🙂

So I’m going to be spending some time gathering really useful writing videos online and sharing them with aformentioned group, and hopefully feel like I’m educating/inspiring myself.  I’ve also committed to using Trello in the great Trello/Asana debate of 2016.


What I’m working on:

  • Editing/publishing Altar of Change
  • Writing Altar of Wisdom
  • Writing Altar of Family
  • Gathering recipes for The Vegan Pagan Kitchen
  • Gathering recipes for Every Day Magic- A Pagan Book Of Days (deadline September 15th!), published by Moon Books
  • Organizing this big, ugly, to do list on Trello
  • Setting up times/ideas for the writing group.

Ideas for the future:

  • A series of short stories based on the cards of the Major Arcana (most likely fantasy horror)
  • A collection of devotional poems dedicated to various Gods/Goddesses
  • A collection of creepy pasta called ‘On the Ride Home’
  • Possibly offering professional tarot readings online?  (I was invited to do readings for a session in the Paranormal Track this year, and IT WAS AWESOME!  I read for over a dozen strangers, and most really connected with their readings.  It felt great! :-))
  • Possibly presenting a class in the Paranormal Track next year entitled ‘Tarot for Beginners’

Recently Published:

Things I need to get back to:

  • This blog.  If there are any ideas of things you’d like to see, please, drop me a line.  I’ve considered picking up the weekly tarot reading again, but it didn’t seem like anyone was really reading the entries.  I’ve also considered taking a kitchen witchery approach, and exploring a different seasonal ingredient every week and its magickal properties.  I don’t know.  I like the idea of doing something weekly, just not sure what.
  • The Bewitching the Cards videos.  I really enjoyed making them, but was derailed when my phone went tits up.  Now I have a great new phone, and no excuses other than my own lack of motivation.  I want to finish the Major Arcana at Least.
  • Bewitching Your Day.  I love podcasting, and it’s something I always come back to.  I just need to decide how much of a priority it is, considering the other things listed above.  I think it would be nice to finish some projects first.  🙂


At the very core of all of these ideas and plans, I really want to focus on keeping some momentum in publishing.  Even if I’m just publishing poems or recipes, I want to put something ‘out there’.  I want to have something new coming out at least once/month if possible.  I feel like that will help me build up the momentum to really work on getting Altar of Change together and sending it out into the universe.  And I want to build up that ‘recently published’ list above.

Tarot Reading at DragonCon
All these people showed up. It was overwhelming, but SO FUN!


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