April New Moon- Triangle

Throughout history, the triangle has represented the feminine principle while the square or the cross (both representing the number 4) has represented the male principle. You can see examples of the tri-fold nature of the Goddess in the Triple Goddesses of many cultures. There is also a connection between the Greek letter Delta (a triangle), and the vulva. Demeter’s name was Delta, followed by ‘meter’ or mother.

The Celts saw things a little differently than we do in modern times. Their view of the universe wasn’t black and white like we see things now. It was more black, white, and grey. It wasn’t about this or that, it was about this, that, and the other. There was always a third option. They placed great emphasis on the magickal potential of third options, revering the in-between or the ‘other’. They had a threefold way of seeing things that is a bit unfamiliar to us nowadays, and I think that’s where they found their magick.

So what does this mean to me this month? I suppose I’ll be looking for the great feminine in everything I do, and looking for the in-between or ‘other’ options. I’m going to be working on finishing up a project that I’ve been working on for a few years, so hopefully this will bring a lot of magick into it and help me bring magick to others.

As always, I chose my word from Barbara Walker’s The Woman’s Dictionary of Symbols and Sacred Objects.