Today was my first day off in a while.. The fibro has been screaming for the past few days due to stress, long hours, and virtually no sleep. I woke up today already hurty and weak. So I decided to keep my goals easy for today: burritos, henna, and kyphi.

What I ACTUALLY did was this..

1. Finished the batch of kyphi that I’ve been working on since January.. It took me 4 sessions to hand-roll all the pellets. Maybe I should make it in smaller batches.

2. Learned how to play Portal.

3. Coated my head in henna (Caca Noir by Lush Cosmetics).

4. Trimmed trees and cut saplings in the back yard while Bear and J continued disassembling the deck. (Wet henna dripping down my face and neck the whole time)

5. Made veggie burritos with smoked tofu. Learned that I don’t really know how to cook with tofu properly.

6. Watched ‘Into the Wild’.

7. Read ‘Bear Gets Scared’.

I’d like to try to write a short entry like this every day. I’d like to track what I do to see if I can find patterns that trigger the fibro, and the goal-oriented, Type A side of my personality likes the idea of keeping track of my progress on projects. It will be relatively easy to keep up with if I keep them short. I may even make them private so as to not bore people..