Writing totems, rituals, and spaces

I’m thinking about writing some emails to some of the authors that I enjoy and/or admire.    (Sometimes I admire an author that I don’t enjoy, and vice versa.)

I’d love to find out if there are any little rituals or totems that they start out their writing sessions with. 

To give you an idea of what I mean, I’ll talk about some of mine.

1. Athene- She’s my owl that I made at Build-A-Bear, and I love the symbolism of wisdom, air/communication, and just generally having a snuggle-buddy to pet while I’m noodling plot points, or trying to remember what color something was earlier in the story.

2. A small candle- I don’t always remember this one, but I like to have a small candle burning while I write.  I like the idea that it makes my space feel a little special, like I set time aside to do this other thing that isn’t part of my normal daily grind.

3. Tea-  Again, I don’t always remember this, but tea is so soothing and relaxing to me.  It helps me get into a homey, nesting headspace that is great for doing creative things.

There are other things that I would like to add..  In my perfect world, I would have a nice, clean office that is set aside and dedicated to my creative ventures.  There I would have:

4. Creativity incense- I like the idea of writing as a ritual.  I would probably light it next to my candle in my perfect world.

5. In fact, let’s make that a creativity altar- I would add things that I find out in nature, flourite and rutilated quartz, maybe some malachite or adventurine to make my projects prosperous.  I could place that in a silver charger on top of a low bookshelf with some of my favorite books, and maybe my journals and altered books.  I would also have some pretty minerals on my desk as well.

6. Big windows with a gorgeous view- Since this is my perfect world, I live in Asheville, NC.  I live in a  beautiful house on the side of a mountain, and my view looks down over a valley.  It faces North so that I don’t get crazy sunlight at all hours, though.

7. A big, cushy sofa- Right now I write in bed. I just find that it’s the most comfortable place in the house for me to really relax and dig into my brain.  Even though I would ideally have a nice desk for writing, etc., I would like the couch option too.  Even if I need to take a break and snooze while I come up with my next scene.  I come up with a lot of weird things in that half-waking time.  Also, it would be a great place for Phantom to come hang out with me as I write.

8. My huge craft table- My dad made me a huge craft table from a piece of masonite and several unfinished cabinets.  It’s located in my garage right now, but the garage is unusable for 9 months out of the year due to lack of climate control.  I would love to be able to switch from writing, to making pretty things, and then back again.


As long as I’m talking about my perfect creative space, I should also mention that in this perfect world, I make enough money to support both myself and Phantom.  He would be my AA/chef/housekeeper.  We’ve discussed this, and he’s fine with the idea. 

It’s kind of the setup that we have going right now, but only because he hasn’t been able to find a job.  I don’t really make enough to support us both (or even myself a lot of the time).  But while I work, he does dishes, etc.  In my PERFECT world, he would do this, but be comfortable and be able to buy things.  He would also be able to pursue his creative endeavors as well, like making music and writing.  I feel a lot of guilt that I can’t support us both right now, but that’s something that I need to get over.  We’re a team, and we’re both just doing the best that we can right now.

I should also mention that in my perfect world, he would cook and clean in a little apron.  Because that’s just the kind of girl I am.  🙂