Witchify Your Workout

We’ve been on a journey for the last 15 years or so. It hasn’t been very smooth. It’s a cycle that goes like this… MEDICAL SCARE -> HEALTHY EATING AND HABITS TO THE POINT OF OBSESSION -> LIFE STUFF HAPPENS -> WE FALL OFF THE WAGON. It’s sad how many times this has happened. We’ve been vegan for months at a time, we’ve been fitness-obsessed, we’ve gained and lost weight over and over again.

And here we go again. We’ve known that we need to eat better and exercise, but since I started working again in January, we’ve been doing our very best just to feed ourselves anything at all, much less something healthy. Fibro is bullshit, and there’s very little energy at the end of the day to do things the right way. But we’ve gotten the health scare again, and it’s time to adjust.

My main worry is that this is going to take what little time and energy I have away from creative and spiritual pursuits. So, me being me, I decided to come up with some creative ideas of how to make working out a spiritual endeavor. That way, I can work out and feel connected at the same time!

Ways to Witchify your Workout

  1. Dedicate your workouts to a deity. Lots of different deities can work for this. Athena as the Goddess of War can give you a battle mentality that can be very motivating. Venus helps you get in touch with your goals related to physical appearance. Kali can help you workout with passion and fire. I’ll be dedicating my workouts to one of my deities, though I don’t want to mention which one just yet. I’ll see how it goes for a few months and then share.
  2. Plan a ritual of rededication every new moon. The new moon is a great time to set intentions, and grow your stamina and motivation in the waxing moon. In the waning moon, you can think about getting rid of things you don’t want, like extra pounds, health issues, or negative self-talk.
  3. Create an accountability group with a bunch of Pagan friends who want to be healthier. Use your kitchen witchery to come up with great healthy recipes to share. Cheer each other on in your fitness goals. Support each other like witches should!
  4. Create a Book of Mirrors (a magickal journal) just to record your health journey. Record your workouts, write recipes, celebrate triumphs, etc. Having a record can be a beautiful way to look back and see how far you’ve come!
  5. Bless your workout clothes and accessories. And wear crystals! At the bottom of this post, there’s a list of crystals that help with motivation, willpower, and health. You can also wear a dab of essential oils as you work out, but remember that as you sweat, the oils will intensify dramatically. Just say no to patchouli at the gym!
  6. Make a small mojo bag to hold while you work out, or you could even make a poppet that you dress with oils and herbs before you workout to give yourself some extra oomph. Dress the poppet in fitness clothes and maybe even give her some earbuds to wear!
  7. Create a small chant or charm to recite before every workout. Dedicate your efforts to your highest good and your deity in a simple rhyme to start the session off right.
  8. Put herbs and fruits in your water for specific purposes as you work out. Hydration doesn’t have to be boring, and you could drink your spell as you work out.
  9. Treat a workout like a meditation. You can even listen to a guided mediation or devotional music as you work out. The repetitive motion of cardio can work well as a meditation aid. Perhaps the chant or charm you developed earlier would be good to repeat in your mind as you work out. Either way, what we intake is important to our health, and sound is a big part of that.
  10. Take a hike! Get into nature. It’s a great way to connect while getting that exercise in. Look for local parks with some beautiful nature to submerse yourself in and allow your surroundings to transport you to a sacred mindset.
  11. Think about post-workout rituals you can do. For example, taking a bath or a shower cleanses away all the negativity that you released during your workout. Sweat is salty, and salt is purifying. Remember that! Name a sacred (healthy) food that you enjoy after a workout. Make your post-workout rituals part of your routine.
  12. Plan a nice treat whenever you meet a goal. A new tarot deck when you lose 20 lbs? A trip to the botanical garden when you work out for a month without missing a day? A ritual of self-love when you reach a long-term health goal? All of these can be important ways to reward yourself and keep things spiritual.

I know there are many more ways to witchify your workout, and please share your ideas with me!

Crystals for Motivation, Health, Willpower, and Energy

  • Apatite- For motivation, building up energy reserves, and manifestation
  • Carnelian- For general high energy and feeling the sensuality of being in your body
  • Citrine- Motivation and general good health
  • Hematite- For enhancing your willpower and removing self-limitations
  • Red Calcite- Increasing energy and willpower, removing blockages, and loosening joints
  • Sardonyx- Willpower, stamina, vitality, overcoming hesitancy
  • Topaz- General good health, goals, motivation, and increasing metabolism.

Blessed be! <3