Vampires, Demons, and Werewolves–Oh My! (notes)

This was more an exploration of paranormal fiction and urban fantasy.  It wasn’t such an instructional panel, but I always take things away.  So the notes will be short.

Lucienne Diver
Debra Dixon
Nancy Knight
Jana Oliver
Samantha Sommersby
Jennifer St. Giles
Jeanne C. Stein


Bellbridge Books (team tattoo?)
-Jana Oliver- writes about Atlanta demons

-How do you differentiate yourself in the (flooded) urban fantasy market? -Compelling, unique protagonists, good if there’s something visual about the character that can go on the cover.  -Interesting side characters “snarky hell hound named Fang”.  -Show uniqueness in first 3 or 4 paragraphs (rusty pentagram hanging from Vine’s rearview mirror)


-Write the book you want to read, stop trying to write for the market, it can take 2 years to publish anyways.

-Jack Catchum (sp?)- creepy mood

3 dimensional characters, not all good or all bad- Give Vine a dark side?

-Necro City (Calaina Price?)

-Compelling world, even if it’s an existing place, point out the uniqueness.

-Think about ALL formats that books can be published in- Ebook, paper, audio, make it work for everything.

-Difference between horror and urban fantasy- Does your monster scare you or turn you on?  Also, lots of ass-kicking in urban fantasy.