Tarot- May 29th, 2016

I’m super low-energy, pain lady today.  It actually hurt to shuffle the cards.  Yeah, fibro sucks.  So I’m in a Soma coma and may not be the most succinct today.  However, the cards this week were interesting to say the least.

I’m using the Wildwood Tarot again, and the more I use this deck, the more I feel connected to it.  It really is lovely, and it’s going to become one of my main working decks.  I just can’t stop gazing at the beautiful imagery, even if it takes the traditional Rider-Waite card designations and flips them on their heads.  I want to spend time just shuffling it and having it near me.  If you’re interested in it, I recommend purchasing it now, as it’s now out of print.

Tarot May 29
Tarot May 29

We have some pretty powerful cards here, starting with a major arcana card, and ending with two court cards.  So I think it’s safe to say that this is going to be an important week.  Also, notice all the animal symbolism present.  I really love working with totem magick, so this is an interesting read for me.

In the past position, we have The Great Bear, which replaces Judgement.  This card is about judgment on several levels.  It’s about divine judgment, karmic balance, and nature redressing a balance.  It’s about personal judgment as well, and is kind of a sign that we need to start really considering our decisions and thinking about karma.  So this is a lesson that we’ve learned in the past.  We’ve felt the power of making decisions based on honesty and our own ethics and morality.  We’ve learned to be better people, or perhaps learned the consequences of taking wrong actions.

In the present position, we have the Knight of Arrows (Swords), or Hawk.  The Knight of Arrows is all about taking swift and decisive action based on knowledge and foresight.  We’re being called to act, to make things happen, and all with a vision towards the future.

((What’s really interesting to me is that we had both of these cards last week, but their positions were reversed.  So last week, we saw that we had taken some decisive action in the past, and that the present was concerned with the Great Bear, or judgment.  This week, we’re seeing that we must have made some decision, used our judgement, and now is the time that we’re acting on it.  Also, the World Tree was our future outcome last week, and it came up in a personal reading for me in the future position today as well.  I PROMISE I have shuffled these cards really well, and do so every week before every reading.  So there’s definitely a strong message coming through for us.))

In the future position, we have the Queen of Bows (Wands), or Hare.  She represents success in business, and also collaboration with someone kind and understanding.  She brings us the gift of support and helpfullness.  She helps to strengthen our resolve.  So we obviously have some sort of project going on that is a result of decisions we’ve made based on our judgment, or wanting to do some good in the world.  With the Knight of Arrows representing communication and intellect, I really feel like this is some outward-directed project.


As for me, the meaning is clear.  I’ve been focusing myself outward for a few months now, first with NaPoWriMo, then with Bewitching Your Day.  On June 1st, the first Bewitching The Cards video will go live on YouTube, and it’s just another way that I’m reaching out to the larger community.  Reaching out isn’t my strong suit as an introverted, earthy Capricorn, (especially one with chronic illness that wipes me out at times), so this is something new for me.  But I’m passionate about it, and I think that makes all the difference.


This weekend, I also went to MomoCon due to Bear’s marvelous voice talent.  (He did the radio promos for the event and scored some passes.  Awesome!)  It was great, though it’s the reason I’m incapacitated today.  Still totally worth it.

My favorite part was a discussion presented by Mr. CreepyPasta about writing horror for the Internet.  I had heard of creepypasta, but I honestly thought that it was a user name for a YouTube channel or maybe a podcast.  I had no idea that it was this wonderful, rich genre of writing short horror stories that are meant to be shared and circulated freely.  I fucking LOVE THAT.  I want to write ALL the creepypasta stories now.  I did some brainstorming, and have ideas for 6 new horror short stories too.  (They aren’t really creepypasta in that they don’t fit into the categories that are traditionally considered part of the genre, more just horror.)

I love these moments of inspiration.  I love it when the ideas come together fast and furious in my head, and stories just lay themselves out in front of me.  So look for that.  I’ll probably publish them individually here, and then compile them into a book for Kindle.

I’m also finding it funny how the 5 planet retrogrades that happened earlier this year really messed a lot of people up. It seems to have just enlivened me.  It brought me out of a 2 year funk, and made me think about how I could start being productive again.  While I’m not in any shape to go get a 9 to 5 and start being a productive member of society again (I doubt that will ever be possible for me), I’m starting to make things happen for myself slowly but surely.  So while I’m drugged and miserable today, I have hope that tomorrow will be better and that there are a lot more good tomorrows in my future.


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