Tarot- May 22nd, 2016

So I’ve been working on a big project lately, and learning all sorts of new things.  I’ve never really worked with video before, and I’ve CERTAINLY never edited it, but I got an idea for a project that thrilled the shit out of me, so I went for it.  It’s been a lot of fun, and it’s given me a creative channel, which is always a good thing.  It keeps me out of trouble.  And sometimes gets me into different trouble.  But that’s a different post.

Expect to see posts here about tarot videos, starting June 1st, and running every Wednesday and Friday until I’m done or catastrophe strikes.

I’m using the Wildwood Tarot again, and I honestly think I’ll be using it for a while now.  I’m really interested in the different meanings for the cards, and I want to explore something that’s a little different from a traditional Rider Waite tarot.  It has this really great Northern shamanic bent, while also using a lot of Celtic imagery and I’m just really digging that combination.


Tarot May 22

In the past position, we have the Knight of Arrows, which corresponds to the Knight of Swords.  This represents discerning the current problem clearly.  He’s a messenger, alerting us to an issue that we need to deal with swiftly.  So in the past position, we became aware of a problem, probably in the areas of communication or logic, and we were forced to deal with that.

In the present position, we have The Great Bear, which is Judgment in a traditional deck.  So we’re being called upon to make a decision to do the right thing.  We need to use our judgment to create our reality for the better, and also we’re being told that we need to make amends for any poor judgment in the past.  It’s time to think about our place in the world, and decide what we can do to be better people.

In the future, we have the World Tree, which corresponds to The World.  We were made aware of a problem in the past that we needed to work on.  We’re currently trying to be better people and use better judgment, and this is for the better of the world.  Also, because we’re thinking carefully about our decisions, the world will open up to us, and we will be rewarded richly with wisdom, awareness, experience, and connection to the rest of the world.


As always, this reading is very meaningful to me right now.  I’ve been having some heavy discussions with people who don’t necessarily feel that they have any responsibility for the energy they put into the world.  At first I was angry, but it really made me stop and think about whether I was being mindful about what I put out there as well.  The long and short of it is that we’re all building this world with every thought, word, and deed, and we all have a responsibility here.  I may not be able to go be active in the workplace, volunteer, or give my limited energy away, but I can damn sure do my best to spread some positivity in the small ways that I’m able.  Mine is just a very small voice in a very large pond, but I feel it’s important to try.

How does this reading affect you?  Have you felt the pull lately to exercise your judgment in a matter of communication?  Have you felt called to try to make better decisions and do better for the earth, humanity, and nature?  Please let me know in the comments.

Blessed be!  🙂

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