Tarot- May 1st, 2016 (actually pulled on May 4th)

Sorry about the lateness of this one.  Beltane happened.  And a Beltane feast.  And staying at my mom’s house.  And honestly, I also forgot.

So, to celebrate my complete lack of attention this week, I decided to use a completely different deck.  This is The Motherpeace Tarot  by Karen Vogle and Vicki Noble.  I was gifted this deck about 20 years ago by a good friend.  I never really fell in love with it then, and it’s always kind of sat on a shelf.  I want to love it, the round cards are cool, the art is very primitive and women-centered (in a cool, hippie feminist way), and the cards just feel good in my hands.  But I never really worked with them much.  I want to change that.  I want to spend more time getting to know this deck, finally.

I did ask what would be the major themes for this entire week, even the 4 days that have already passed.

Tarot May 1
Tarot May 1

In the past position, we have the Priestess of Wands.  In the Motherpeace Tarot, the Priestess cards correspond to the Queen.  The Motherpeace booklet says this card represents “A channel; a magician who contains and disperses energy.”  The traditional Queen of Wands meaning is ambition, action, growth and development.  So, in our past, we made things happen, probably in a magickal sense.  We’re reaping the rewards of that now.

The Ace of Wands is about “The birth of new energy” in the Motherpeace Tarot, and the picture clearly shows a woman giving birth to a fiery new energy.  The traditional meaning is similar, meaning the beginning of something new, courage, good self-esteem, and starting a new project or going in a new direction.  So because we have grown and taken action in the past, we’re giving birth to something new and exciting.

The future card, the Priestess of Swords, represents “Sending out prayers and plans, strong sight” in the Motherpeace booklet.  The traditional meaning is knowledge coming from spirit and matter.  She represents a good public speaker and leader, one who has perhaps handled many sorrows and come through on the other side in a position of leadership.


As always, I ask for my readings to pertain to anyone who may read them, but as always, this one was super meaningful to me.  To me, it all revolves around podcasting.  When I started my first podcast, about 7 or 8 years ago, my life changed radically for the better.  The vast majority of my friends are friends because we somehow connected in the podcasting world.  I owe my marriage to podcasting, as I started talking to Bear to try to get advice on audio editing for my podcast.  It was responsible for me regaining my self-esteem after my first marriage ended, and it helped me just open up my life to new possibilities.

Now I’ve started releasing Bewitching Your Day, and it’s actually gotten relatively popular quickly.  It’s gotten quite a few downloads, and I’m really excited about it.  It’s making me want to gather together 30-31 more episodes to release soon.  I feel like I’m doing something I’m supposed to do.  Sad that there’s no money in podcasting, but still.  I hope to make new friends and expand my horizons yet again.  Maybe this is the start of another rebirth for me, maybe not, but I’m proud of what I’ve done.

Please let me know if this reading resonates for you.  I would love to find out if any of these weekly readings I’ve been doing mean something personal to others.

Blessed be!  🙂