Tarot- March 20th, 2016

Happy Ostara!  I’ll be writing a little more about Ostara and the powers of rebirth, renewal, and rejuvenation in a separate post, which I’ll probably post tomorrow.  But I will say that today was great.  I got to spend lots of good time with my Bear, and it’s just generally been lovely.  I needed it.

Today I’m back to my most used/longest used deck, the Sacred Circle Tarot Deck by Anna Franklin and Paul Mason.  Opening the bag that holds this deck always feels like a warm hug.  And today’s reading was another where it was so obviously about me and what I’m dealing with right now, but I’m hoping that the reading means something to anyone who reads this as well.   Also, notice the Springy yellow and blue of the cards that came up.  That was a nice Ostara touch.


Tarot pull March 20
Tarot pull March 20


In the past position, we have the 9 of swords.  The 9 of swords shows that we’ve been through a lot.  We’ve been at the depths of despair, and also indicates emotional/mental/medical problems.  It represents the loss of hope, feeling like there’s no way out.  I’m happy that’s in the PAST position.

In the present position, we have the 9 of cups.  The 9 of cups represents stability, completion, and wishes coming true.  So what we desire is coming to us in the present.  We’re finally getting what we need.  Since the card is in the cups suit, it leans towards our dreams coming true in love or in an emotional sense.  This is the reward after the despair of the 9 of swords in our past.

In the future, we have the 6 of swords, or solace.  This card is about leaving our sorrows behind.  Is it possible that the 9 of swords in our past was just setting us up to feel the rewards of our future so much more keenly?  This is about difficulty coming to an end, and smoother waters ahead.  This can also mean taking a trip over water.


Again, this reading means a lot to me.  I feel like I’ve done my time dealing with medical/emotional/financial issues.  There’s been too much crying and feeling helpless.  It’s damn time for things to get better for me.  Also, the 6 of swords is pretty great for me too, since I’ve been planning a dream trip to Scotland.  As soon as I started planning it, I got some good news, and Bear got some amazing news, and the dream trip seems like it might actually be possible some day.  We need that.  We’ve certainly paid our dues.

Let me know if this reading means anything to you personally!  Blessed be!  🙂


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