Tarot- June 5th, 2016

Ugh.  Sorry this is 2 days late again.  On Sunday, I kind of just forgot to post, despite thinking about it all night Saturday when I couldn’t sleep.  We spent time with a friend and then came home for illicit activities (don’t try this at home, kids!)  And then Monday was just packed full of crazy errands and a D&D game.   All was fun and awesome, but I didn’t mean to leave this post hanging.  Hope things are good with everyone.

I’m using The Wildwood Tarot again, because I love it.  I really do.  I wish I hadn’t hesitated so long to buy this deck.  The images are just so meaningful, and really updated with a modern Pagan sensibility that I respond to.  For example, The Devil in a traditional Rider Waite deck represents being chained to earthly delights to the detriment of spiritual growth.  In essence, hedonism without balance.  It’s kind of a medieval take on a Christian concept.  Here, The Devil is replaced by The Guardian, which is a sign of some sort of test or task that someone must get through to prove they’re worthy to move onto another phase of their life.  He’s kind of the gatekeeper, or the guy who guards the bridge that you must cross to complete your quest.

Tarot June 5
Tarot June 5

In the past position, we have The Guardian, which, again, is traditionally The Devil in Rider-Waite decks.  He usually presents some sort of a challenge that we must get through in order to progress, and that can be an inner shift or a problem from outside that we must overcome.  While it can seem tough to deal with him, he really gives us the opportunity to grow.  So sometime in our past, we were put through the ringer somehow.  We had to overcome some difficulty in order to learn and grow, and that is impacting the question at hand.

In the present position, we have The Three of Arrows, or Jealousy, reversed.  Jealousy usually stems from a fear of loss, and here, it looks like we’ve overcome that fear.  We’ve come to a place where we are strong and secure enough to not constantly be fearing the loss of someone or something that we love and feel protective about.  This is a great thing.  The focus has been moved from what we may lack to confidence in what we already possess.

In the future, we have Balance, which replaces Temperance.  So the lesson here is that while we’ve been through a lot in our past, that we can’t completely turn away from what we’ve learned.  With the Three of Arrows, I see a complete turnaround from jealousy, but sometimes in letting go of jealousy, we let go of our passion for that person or thing as well.  There is a balance that can be achieved, where we aren’t constantly in fear of things falling apart because we’ve gained that personal security, but we aren’t closed off behind impenetrable fortress walls either.


As always, this one is incredibly meaningful to me and something that’s been on my mind lately.  I think it’s honestly time to admit that while I’m always asking what’s coming up in a general sense for anyone who may read these posts, they always really seem to pertain to something I’m going through at the time.  So maybe the cards are choosing to read me.  Because, boy howdy, they sure are right on.  This week’s message is incredibly relevant to me.

Hope everyone has a great week! 🙂


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