Tarot- June 11th, 2016

This is a crazy week we have coming up (good and bad),  but I tried not to let the anxiety I’m feeling about that come into the reading.   Whether it worked or not,  the reading was pretty positive,  and I needed that.  <3

I’m still using (and obsessed with)  The Wildwood Tarot.   This deck is just revealing itself to me in layers,  and I can’t express how much I love it.

Tarot June 12
Tarot June 12

In the past position,  we have the Four of Arrows (Swords),  or rest.   Let’s be honest,  this guy isn’t just resting.   He’s surrounded by arrows as if he’s been in a huge battle.   At best,  he’s been wounded,  at worst,  he’s dead.   We’ve suffered some hits,  and had to retreat and lick our wounds a little.   That’s just one of the cycles of life,  and that’s the past that we’re coming out of.

In the present position,  we have The Wheel.   Normally The Wheel of Fortune represents a turn for the better in terms of luck,  but with the Wildwood Tarot,  it represents change and the cycles of life, neither specifically positive or negative.  So we’re in the midst of some changes,  and they’re going to turn our lives upside down.   This can be a great thing if things have been stagnant or if luck has been bad.  This can also be symbolic of the death/rebirth cycle.

In the future position,  we have The Green Woman,  who replaces The Empress.   She represents abundance,  joy,  blessings,  and love.   So this change we’re going through,  even if it’s uncomfortable,  is definitely bringing in the rich blessings of earth for us.   Good things are being manifested,  and we’ll be rewarded for our patience.


I’m sitting in the hospital,  watching my stepfather breathe.   The doctors don’t know if he has pneumonia or if the cancer has just gotten so much worse in his lungs that it’s blocking his ability to breathe.  He’s an incredibly strong person,  and if I was going to bank on anyone beating cancer,  it would be him. But it’s still scary,  and it’s reminding me of everyone I’ve lost.   So I’m feeling a little lost myself.

But tomorrow is a great concert with one of our favorite people,  and then we’re driving to Maryland next week for Husbear’s cousin’s wedding.   So we’re really looking forward to that,  but stressed as well.   There’s a lot to do between now and then.

Obviously,  I’m right in the middle of lots of changes,  so The Wheel is really relevant to me right now.   It feels like the world is spinning crazily around me,  and I’m just holding on.   The best thing to do is ride it out and look forward to those blessings that are coming.   <3


  1. Anonymous says:

    Hopefully things will settle out soon! Either way I’m here for you. ~Realta

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