Tarot- April 3rd, 2016

I’m using the Sacred Circle Tarot by Anna Franklin and Paul Mason again.  Last week’s reading wasn’t so great, so I wanted to go with my old standby, the deck I’m most comfortable with.  This week’s reading is somewhat problematic as well, so I think there are just some things we need to be paying attention to.

Tarot April 3
Tarot April 3

In the past position, we have the 8 of Swords.  This card represents the fear that binds us, rendering us helpless.  So something in our past has caused us great fear, and we need to deal with that to work through the situation in which we’re finding ourselves right now.

In the present position, we have the Page of Discs reversed.  In the reversed position, this card shows us delays or lack of follow-through.  It can mean procrastination or self-sabotage.  So it’s apparently the fear and bondage from the past that’s keeping us from doing what we need to do.

In the future position, we have the Queen of Cups reversed.  This reversed card indicates worry, anxiety, and an overactive imagination.  This is a card shows emotions out-of-balance, and overreaction.

So the best course of action is obviously to look at the fear we’re bringing from our past, see where it’s keeping us from following through and doing what we need to do, and work through that fear.  Hopefully then we can avoid the meltdown.


This reading means a lot to me, as I tend to paralyze myself.  I beat myself up over it too, being a type A Capricorn, but I know that most of my inability to act comes from fear.  It’s obviously time to be brave!

Does this reading mean something to you?


It’s funny how you can do a reading, but it doesn’t really ring true until after the fact.  Last week’s reading really makes a lot of sense to me now.  The force in the past (Ace of Swords reversed) wasn’t something that I tried to force.  It’s more that I’ve been forced to watch a lot of people I love get sick and die.  It’s almost a form of emotional violence when it keeps happening over and over, and the trauma from that is real.

In the present, the opposition and struggles (5 of wands), was some MORE health stuff that’s coming to light about a close member of my family.  And in the future, the warning was to make sure I can be strong, draw upon the death and sickness that I’ve already seen, and not shrink from the long fight if I can be of any help.

It all came together for me when I went back and looked at it objectively.

Blessed be!