So yeah…

Today I wrote 2150 words.  That’s Ok.  The word goal is 1667 for Nano, but I didn’t write that much yesterday either. 

On any other days, I would be fine with that.  But this was my first weekend off in FOREVER, and I just couldn’t focus.  I did try, and sat in front of my computer for hours and hours, WANTING to write.  I would take periodic breaks to text baby girl, check Fetlife, watch BoogiePop: Phantom, and just generally fuck off. 

So while my progress was on target, I know I could have done SO much better.  And sadly, tomorrow begins my first full week of hard-core training, so I have no idea what that’s going to do to my brain.  I don’t want to fall behind.  🙁


In other news, I broke 10,000 words today, and I broke 45,000 on the novel yesterday.  In the past 2 days, I’ve researched 50’s hairstyles, herbal first aid remedies, Goddesses of plenty, and had to listen to a lot of music to decide what my characters would dance to in a certain scene.  So, you know, ‘go me’ and stuff. 


I also found a thread on NaNoWriMo where you can adopt plot points, settings, characters, etc. to use in your story.  I was fucking off again, and I decided to visit it on a whim.  There I found an ‘adopt a kitsune’ thread, where people describe the kitsune up for adoption, and someone claims it, then leaves one of their own.  I adopted Maki.  Here’s her descrip:

“Maki is a little silvery fox with sky blue eyes, and she’s small enough to fit in your hand. She will congratulate you on every single word you write and will snuggle up to you when you don’t feel like writing and whisper words of encouragement to you. However, if you don’t write for a few days, be prepared to say goodbye to your caffeine intake and any sweet treats you may have. She’ll find them all. Her eyes go silver when she’s happy, and she gets along well with all helpers (I don’t have a Demon yet so I don’t know if she’ll mind them). She’d suit someone writing a romance or a young adult novel.”

Ok, I’m not writing romance, but there is a STRONG romance element in the book (stronger than I thought would be there, but I’m kind of in love with life right now, and it’s showing in the plot).

I left one in turn, and this was the description that I left:

“I’d also like to introduce Haruka. She’s dark, silky blue with long hair and golden eyes. She’s young and has 3 tails, and she’s about the size of a chihuahua. She can’t wait to see what you write, but she’s more concerned with helping you do your research. She can mostly be found with your books, and browsing the Internet for facts to help your story come alive. When she finds that perfect gem that will help your story, she will shiver with happiness all over and will be proud that she could help!

The best thing you can do is to finish your finish your story and use her little details, but if you don’t beware, because she will start eating your books in frustration.”


Usually I hate cutesy stuff, but I couldn’t resist this time.  Now I really want a pic of a silver kitsune, or a plushie or something.  I can be obsessive at times.  I know this.  :0)