Season of The Witch Movies- War on Witches review

War on Witches (on Amazon Prime)

This is basically a documentary on the witch hunts in Europe, specifically Britain.

King James 1 can suck it.  I can’t help but see parallels between King James 1’s Britain and the paranoia and intolerance of Trump’s America.  A crazy person with conviction can seem charismatic to a populace that loves the idea of its own victimization.

This was depressing but beautiful.  Lots of gorgeous woodcuts and setting recreations, but soooo depressing.  It’s just incredibly sad how many women died on the altar of paranoia and superstition.

The good:  These experts are SO British!  Like, they look like characters from the show Little Britain.  Beautiful scenery and setting and props and etc.  A good mix of history and foreboding music, etc.  It’s only 47 minutes.

The bad:  A little dry.

5/10 broomsticks- just because it was so sad.  It was really well done, but sad.