Season of The Witch Movies- The Witches review

The Witches (on Amazon Prime)

I watched this movie way back when, as a kid, and I didn’t really remember much about it.  It starts out in Norway with a healthy dose of regional flavor and witch folklore, then moves to England where there’s a seaside witch convention.  (YES PLEASE!!)

So these witches have a plan to turn every kid in England into a mouse.  Handy, really.  Whose side are we supposed to be on here?  Maybe I’m missing the point.

Honestly, the kid’s kind of useless, Grandma is no help at all, and Anjelica Huston in that magenta raw silk is divine.  Also, it made me really miss my rat, Stanley.  Also, BUBBLES IS A GOOD WITCH!  I knew it!

I’m giving this one 7 out of 10 broomsticks for the cuteness.  I mean, it’s really damn cute.  <3