Season of The Witch Movies- Teen Witch review

Teen Witch (on Hulu)

Gods, I hate this fucking movie.  If I’m being honest, I’m punishing myself with it.  I should be doing a tarot reading, a Bewitching the Moon video, and writing a piece that’s due at the end of the month.  But I really wanted to watch a movie.  So I’m going to watch a shitty one to teach myself a lesson.  Hopefully I’ll learn my lesson, but probably not.

The 80’s ‘rapping’ makes me legit heave.  I suppose the nostalgic fashion and melodramatic teen angst are fun, though.  Is it possible I don’t hate this movie as much as I thought?

Enter the cheerleaders with their ‘I like boys’ musical number in the locker room.  (Please kill me?)

Takeaways:  I like Madame Serena’s style (I vaguely suspect I should obtain a shawl of some sort).  I would gladly punch Richie in his stupid face.  CON-DOM.  Larry Hagman’s dad sweater.  Ramondo!  (Maybe big hair IS the key to popularity?)  (Oh no.  I used to wear some of those things…)  The real magic is believing in yourself!  Slow walk towards each other at the school dance.  When did they rehearse this dance amidst all the teenage brouhaha?

3 out of 10 broomsticks.  I guess the lesson here is that nobody should hate themselves this much.  But if you LOVE 80s barf-inducing teen drama/comedy/schlock, then feel free.  You have a stronger stomach than I do.  Truth: I ended up writing during most of the movie..  Yay for productivity?

Then I watched an episode of Charmed to clean my palette, and took a bath.