Season of The Witch Movies- Season of the Witch (2014) review

Season of the Witch (on Amazon Prime)

If I wasn’t inspired by the 2 star rating, the opening scenes with the dying fish out of water would have gotten me.  Ugh.

The production value on this one is somewhat lacking (at several points the music gets so loud you can’t hear the dialogue), but I’m going to give it a pass because it’s British.  And quaint.  I’ll overlook a lot for British and quaint.

So a family arrives too late for the funeral of their father/grandfather.  And they receive a somewhat cold welcome from the suspicious villagers.  There are mysteries, atmosphere, a weird dinner with raw vegetables on China with a sad story and awesome wallpaper…  The local vicar becomes obsessed with the granddaughter, who looks like his dead wife, yadda yadda yadda, dead rabbit, dead mouse, rape, dead butterfly.  I’m going to be real honest here.  I tuned out for most of it.  Dead critters really suck, and Facebook was more interesting anyways.  Bad ending for two of the people involved.

3 broomsticks out of 10.  If you’d like to see some British quaintness and listen to an OK movie score over the actual dialogue, go for it!  To each their own.  But there really is some schlock out there in free movie land.