Season of the Witch Movies- Mark of the Witch review


Because I love a good project, I’ve decided to write short reviews of every movie I can find on Amazon, Hulu, or Netflix with the word WITCH in the title between now and Samhain.  I guess it’s a way for me to make my relaxation time productive?  Or just a good excuse to watch ALL THE WITCH MOVIES!

Fair warning, take my ratings with a grain of salt and throw a pinch over your left shoulder.  I like movies that nobody else likes, but I’ll try to look at these all objectively.

Look for the hashtag #SOTWM to see what I’ve reviewed!


Mark of the Witch (on Amazon Prime)

So this movie opens with an artful scene of several black-robed men surrounding a baby in a cave.  Then, a woman escapes with the baby through some beautiful autumnal scenery, and there are really gorgeous scenes of a crow.

Clearly, I was in from the beginning.

From here, the movie follows the life of Jordyn, who predictably has to fight against the dark side of her witch/servant of Satan drives that pop up on her 18th birthday amidst lots of family drama.  Really, it’s just a series of pretty scenes with a basic, spare plot line.

The good:  The cinematography is GORGEOUS.  If you’re a sucker for a beautifully filmed film, you’ll dig this one.  (Honestly it’s really over the top, but I’m an over the top kinda girl.)  The lines “Your blood is damned.  You can’t escape it, it’s your fate.  I’ve been protecting you, from you, and it’s destroying me.”  Crows.  Hypnosis scene with crazy eyes.  Clowns at a strip show.

The bad:  Slow pacing.  This movie is all atmosphere with very little action.  Creepy rapey sex scene.  An improbable way to give birth.  Mouth gremlins?

Rating 7/10 broomsticks.  This was a solid start to my witch movie project.  Not a waste of time at all.