Poem- The Faire Folk


The Faire Folk

Meandering through the wildwood green
A vision of wonder, there to be seen
The faire folk, frolicking round
Their laugher and music, a merry sound
They dance and they leap, a joy to behold
But be ye wary, do not let them take hold
Of your mind and body, and make you their thrall
To live in the faerie mound, once and for all


Thus concludes NaPoWriMo.  It was pretty fun, actually, though I put together too many bad poems last minute.  Seriously, I wrote this in like 10 minutes because I realized I hadn’t done one today until 10pm.

I’m going to write some more.  Probably a LOT more.  But I’m going to take more time and care, and really try to relearn the craft of writing something that I would enjoy reading.

But next month, podcasts.  And a completely different project in June.  Because I’m a sucker for the thing-a-day format.  :0)


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