Poem- Spilling Over


Power of water to bless or drown,
cleanse or stagnate
Waves of emotion, washing the heart,
pulling us under
Filling the soul with twisting eddys,
streams of compassion
Flowing into our lives,
soothing our minds
Or perhaps bringing turbulence,
chaotic and uncontrollable
Salty, it is our blood,
flowing through our veins
Hydrating our tissues,
bringing us back to life
The feminine principle of receptivity,
but also strength in perseverence
A balm or a bane,
moved by the magick of the moon
Our mother, the primordial soup
from which we all came
Healer and destroyer, oceans, rivers, rains,
water guide us


Yeah, they can’t all be winners, and my brain isn’t at peak functionality tonight.  :0)

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