Poem- She Turns


She Turns

Stone to flesh,
Her features resolve.
Gardenia and moonflower,
Jasmine and amber.
Her eyes sparkle
Reflecting her torch.
She is the keeper of magick,
Revealer of mysteries.
Hers is the power of change,
Instinct in action.
Growing moon, magick increasing.
Welcome to the crucible.

She turns again

Smile benevolent,
She stands ready at the crossroads.
Motherwort and rosemary,
Frankincense and myrrh.
She summons her black beasts,
Protecting women in need.
She is the soft warrior,
Midwife of dreams.
Hers is the power of compassion,
Love in practice.
Full moon, power at its height.
Her mantle of safety surrounds you.

She turns again

Chthonic grandmother,
Wielder of the key.
Belladonna and nightshade,
Patchouli and grave dirt.
She opens tombs,
Bridge to the ancestors.
She is the dark unknown,
The mystery at the end of life.
Hers is the power of death,
Rest and transition.
Waning moon, power of letting go.
She holds you in her cold embrace.

She turns again

Flesh back to stone,
Her lessons revealed.
Do you understand?
Are you part of the mystery?


Ok, this is my first poem out of 30.  I can see some problems, and will probably come back at some point to edit it.  I just wanted to publish something for the first day, and I’m running out of time.  :0)