Poem- Inanna



Keeper of the flames of passion
Lady of heaven, Goddess of love
Also warlike, protector of the people
Bringer of storms that nourish or destroy

She dances above the harvest wheat
Bounty falling upon farmers below
Supplicants come to her temples
To be healed through divine ecstasy

First star of the night sky and
Green harbinger of the glorious dawn
Hated by her sister, the underworld queen
She sacrificed herself, stripped bare

She brings to us the lessons of rebirth
And the value of stripping away
That which is cosmetic, superficial
And emerging whole, made anew


OK, this one is really not my best.  It has no flow, and sounds like I was taking notes in a class about ancient Sumerian myth.  To be honest, it was a busy day, and I didn’t even start working on it until 10pm.  When NaPoWriMo is over, I’d like to come back and tweak a lot of these, or just completely rewrite new poems on some topics I didn’t do great with.

I think the value of NaPoWriMo for me has been to show that I CAN write poetry, even though it had been years, but the shortcoming is that in writing a poem a day, I’m not writing things I’m super proud of.  I’m just trying to mark it off my task list for the day.


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