Note to self..

Writing is not difficult as long as I JUST SIT DOWN AND DO IT!  It’s the worrying about finding time to write, the freaking out about where I’m going next in the story, trying to figure out all the logistics of time and space, THAT is the difficult part. 

I started today with a word count of 26,182.  Let’s see where I end up, shall we?


I also started working on a map of Glint on Illustrator.  After realizing that it just wasn’t working (it looked fake), I decided to get a Google Maps satellite view of the real road that is weaving its way through my story.  I’m going to trace it in Photoshop, and then work from there.  Should lend some realism. 

A lucky coincidence happened when I realized that this road already has farmland attached (I didn’t remember that from my drive), and there’s a church and an old cemetery at the end of the road.  I want to paganize that somehow.  I’ll make it a church turned art studio or something similar.  🙂

I also wasn’t sure how to add the characters’ houses, but I found that there was a neighborhood.  I obviously need to go back there and look at everything again, take some more pictures.  One of the pics I got of the old gravel part of the road will most likely end up on my (self designed) cover.


I’m also not stuck on the name of the town being Glint.  I want something hippie-pagan, but that suggests a will-o-wisp, or something secret hidden in a magical forest.  Yeah, foo-foo I know, but this is a foo-foo pagan story.  I’m kind of working out the new age pagan princess part of my personality in this story.  She doesn’t see a lot of action these days since I’ve been so oppressed by damned reality.  😛


Side note, there’s a woman at Borders who is not sitting but standing next to her table.  Swaying, really.  I’m a little worried that she’s a church freak, and that she’s swaying while praying for my soul.  (I have a pentagram sticker on my laptop) 

A man asked if he could trade tables with her so he could use the plug at her table, and she refused.  🙁