New Wintertide Tarot Reading- What can I learn by going within?

Wintertide Tarot Reading
Wintertide Tarot Reading

We’re about a week out from Yule, and you know what that means!  The Autumntide Tarot Reading is gone, long live the Wintertide Tarot Reading.  Or at least until March.

This reading will help you tap into the energies of Winter- going within, self-awareness, and planning for your next year! What do you really need right now? What did you ignore during the warmer months that you can really spend some time on right now. Do you want to learn? Craft? Spend time with your spirituality? Heal issues that keep coming up over and over again? If you see these long cold nights as a gift of more personal time for yourself, and want to know how to utilize that time to its best advantage, this is the reading for you.

You can find it here!

(Also, watch this space.  There will be several new readings added over the next day or two!)