Let Govember!

So I was talking to a friend, and we were discussing how we both have a lot of negative energy in our lives.  We talked about how we could both do with a good housecleaning, physically, emotionally, mentally, etc.  I usually don’t have trouble eliminating negativity from my life in small ways, but sometimes you really need to take honest stock of everything going on, and make some larger, sweeping changes.

So we came up with the idea of Let Govember, or #LetGovember.  Basically the idea is that we let go of one thing every day for the entire month.

For me, this will take place physically a lot as I declutter my house.  We’ve been holding to a lot of old shit, and it’s time to let it go.  There will also be some mental/emotional/spiritual housecleaning, and that’s all needed as well.


Here’s my list of let-gones so far.

November 1- As a revelation I had while doing my Samhain ritual, I realized that I really need to let go of my grief and pain from the past few years.  I need to stop defining myself by what I’ve lost, and start defining myself by what I create.  It’s a huge change, a necessary change, and I felt a shift when I made that commitment to myself.

November 2- I cleaned the hell out of my desk.  There’s still a lot more to clean, but it’s so much more spacious and directed towards the things I do here.  It was a great improvement in my workplace, and has helped improve my desire to be here, making things.

November 3- I realized that I give myself a lot of guilt at the end of the day over the things I didn’t accomplish.  I’m not sure, but for all I know, I’ve always done this and just not noticed.  I’m giving myself permission to list the things at the end of the day that I didn’t do, and to let that guilt go every single night.  I’m hoping it will help me sleep better, as that’s something I think a lot about in the long, lonely night hours.  I’ve also gotten back into bullet journaling, and it really helps with this.  I also let go of a project I had started a few years ago with high hopes that just never worked the way I thought it would.

November 4- I let go of the tendency I have to grit my teeth and smile just to get along with people I really can’t stand, one or two people in particular.  At least with these two people, I’ve been accumulating negativity as I didn’t say the things I really wanted to say.  No more.  They can suck it.

November 5- I let go of a bad situation with a source of a lot of negative energy.  I don’t want to go into details, but it’s kind of enormous, and I already feel like my house is clearer and cleaner, spiritually and in actuality.  This leaves us space and freedom to bring in good things since we aren’t having all of our energy sucked away by a huge, sucking black hole.  Now to buy about a 5lb smudge stick to get rid of the residual funk.

November 6- I let go of some guilt for not following through with my NaNoWriMo alternative plans, which were to write in my Book of Shadows every single day in November.  I do still plan to write in it as many days as possible, but I was sick, and I went to a friend’s house and had several hot toddys.  I can’t be ‘on’ every single day, regardless of how weirdly goal-oriented I am.

November 7- I listed an old TV that my dad gave me on LetGo and Facebook.  It’s way too big for our room, and I think we’ve used it maybe 3 times in the last 5 years.  In fact, I’m fine with never having a TV again in our bedroom, as we both have phones and tablets.  There’s just no reason for it.  I kept it mostly from nostalgia (when someone passes, the things they gave you take on an almost mythical importance), but it’s time to let it go.  Hopefully someone will buy it.  If nobody expresses an interest by the weekend, it goes to Goodwill.


So there are other changes going on in my life, and I really wanted all of this letting go to make way for newer, better things.  I really feel like a clearing has been needed for some time.

The funny thing is that when I was doing my Samhain ritual and all the preparation, I kept flashing on an intuition about the thing that came to an end on the 5th.  When I did a Samhain/ancestors tarot reading, there was an indication that someone was being deceptive and that there would be a financial hit coming, but that we had the skills and intelligence to weather it.  I kind of intuitively connected the two, and sure enough, what I thought was happening was TOTALLY happening.  Fun how you just KNOW when someone’s going behind your back sometimes.  🙂

What needs to be let go in your life?

Blessed be.  🙂


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