I used to do this sort of thing..

I love writing.  I feel really comfortable writing.  But I was SO good with visual art too.

I actually participated in several collaborative art projects, and even had a piece displayed in an exhibition.  It was called ‘Do not fold, spindle, or mutilate’, and all the participants were sent an old-timey punch card, which we altered.  I cut mine up, added copper rings to reattach everything, beads, yarn, a twig, etc.  It was really pretty, and I got a lot of positive response from it.  One woman said that mine was her favorite out of the 250+ cards there.  Sadly, I can’t find the pics online anymore, but oh well.

I also did a lot with 1001 journals, which seems to be defunct now.

At any rate, I’m thinking about visual art a lot lately.  This video struck me, especially.  It’s time to dig out some of my sketchbooks and good pens.  🙂