Well, I still haven’t been writing, but I HAVE been creative.  Because of some impending financial disaster and misery, I’ve found myself needing to find a way to make money that’s quick and won’t make me hate my life in addition to the two jobs I already have.  Writing is a future goal, but I need something to bring in money now.

There’s an artist that I follow on Twitter, her name is @SpinningCastle.  And she’s recently been listing some earrings on Etsy for $32-$38.  And it occurred to me that there is no reason in the world I couldn’t do that too.  I’ve always designed jewelry, it’s something I was interested in as a kid.  I CERTAINLY have a shit ton of beads, and most of the right tools.  So why haven’t I been doing this?  It’s even something I can do at night while watching movies.  

So I made 2 pairs last night.  One still needs some beads attached, but I couldnt’ find the right black headpins at the craft store.  The other pair is mostly done, I just need some sparkly focal points for the long shoulder-duster part.  

One is made of black chain with blood red swarovski crystals, and I’m going to name them after Pele.  The other pair is aged copper with pink, rose, and amethyst colored beads and pearls, and I’m naming them after Aphrodite.  I think that’s going to be my deal.  I think they’ll be inspired by and named after Goddesses.  I think I’ll end up making necklaces to match as well.  I have a design in mind.  I hope it turns out as well physically as it looks in my head.  The earrings look really good so far, and definitely like something I would buy if I were the least bit foofy.

I’ve been using some base metals, but with really pretty finishes, so I’m pretty jazzed about the antiquey feel of the Aphrodite earrings, and the gothy feel of the Pele earrings.  We’ll see how this all goes!

The easy part about all this is that I already have my company incorporated (for my chat job), and an Etsy store (just need to create a banner and start listing!)  I also have some old SmellyGirl stock that I can put up as well, including TONS of wishboxes that are just piled up in the closet.  Will be nice to make some room there.  🙂


I also woke up with a weird dream where I was singing a little ditty about feeling exposed.  If anything, I’ve been feeling really reclusive, secluded, and insulated since Phantom has been gone.  But I feel like this is important, as most of my ‘dream songs’ are.  So I’m wondering if it means I should write more of a sense of exposure into the story.  It couldn’t hurt, and would add a really great element to it, and more of a decision for the heroine.  Will write that in my list of edits that I want to make.