Dragon*Con Debriefing

Favorite things:  I married my Bear.  The video link is here.  I also got to spend time with friends that I only see once/year, saw some amazing writing panels, and got to game with some of our gaming group.  I also possibly found a writing group, or if not, a place to find a writing group!

Least favorite things:  Are the crowds getting bigger?  Also, standing in line with J for like 2 hours to get his pass on Saturday.  We could have planned better.  Also, running out of money over and over again.  That sucks.  But it’s a Dragon*Con tradition.

Panels I attended:

Hourly Writing Seminar: Talk to me 

Reading: Widget Walls

Belief Systems in SF101

NeedCoffee FunFest

Vampires, Demons, and Werewolves–Oh, My!

My Hero

Hammer Horror

The Witching Hour

What Makes a Villain?

Down and Dirty Marketing for Authors

Short and Not So Sweet Stories

Future of Speculative Fiction


I’ll be writing out my notes in future posts.  I learned quite a lot in these panels, and I was really fortunate to get some great tips.  I also got a lot of inspiration from the authors and topics, and will hopefully be using that to propel myself.  I created a Word Count Page here to keep track of my progress, and a Links page to keep track of links I use (or need to use more).  🙂