Deck Interview- Arcane Bullshit Tarot

This deck was a surprise birthday gift from my A1 best, high-grade Husbear. And I LOVE IT. It was about 7 weeks late, because he backed it as a Kickstarter, but it came at exactly the right time.

First, let’s look at the aesthetics. WOW. There are 105 cards, so shuffling this deck is completely impossible, especially for my creepy arthritic hands. But the cards are beautifully printed on black cardstock, so the edges won’t wear down to ugly white. It came with a bag to carry the cards, but I’m just going to leave them in this freakin’ gorgeous box that they came in. There’s all sorts of hilarious quasi-occult things printed on the box, and I hear a rumor that the art on the back of the box will be available as a print at some point. I’ll be buying. My package also came with a reading cloth and lots of patches, pins, and stickers that I love.

The art is gorgeous black and white, and also hilarious. It’s kind of a modernized woodcut aesthetic, and it’s just incredibly cool.

Second, this deck calls itself a tarot, and it’s not at all. It’s an oracle. Not a problem, I like oracles. But just don’t confuse this with an actual tarot with a Major Arcana and 4 suits.

Third, did I mention that this deck is hilarious? I looked through the cards with Husbear, and we giggled, chuckled, and snorted. This deck is 100% irreverent, creative, and weird. Totally my style. That’s not to say that it’s just a novelty unreadable deck. Oh contraire! For a reader well-versed in symbolism and finding the stories behind the pictures, this deck is totally readable. In fact, I can’t wait to create a special reading just for this deck. I’ll probably offer it as an April Fool’s special.

Fourth, the booklet is a mixed bag. The meanings of the cards are brief and shallow, but hilarious. And the reading suggestions are hilarious. And everything about the book is hilarious. But it’s not very meaty. This is definitely a deck that you’re going to do some work for if you want to read with it seriously at all. For that reason, I think it’s best for people who either don’t take tarot seriously, or have been card-slinging for a long time and can find connections with just the pictures and phrases on the cards.

Let’s get to the interview! I’m not even going to look at the book, as I want to read this the way I’ll be reading it in the wild.

Arcane Bullshit Deck Interview
  1. Tell me about yourself. What is your most important characteristic? Maze Face. So this deck is going to help us go within the twists and turns of the labyrinthe in our mind. It can be difficult to get to the root of things, but this is a very introspective, problem-solving deck.
  2. What are your strengths as a deck? Card of Cards. LOL It has a lot of cards. But seriously, I feel like the strength of this deck is the cards themselves. The right ones will come up where and when they’re needed.
  3. What are your limits as a deck? The Pregnant Babies. I see this card as representing fertility gone wild. So it’s not going to help you create or build anything new, in short it’s not about seeing the future and lots of pregnant possibilities. It’s more about going within and fixing your brain meats.
  4. What are you here to teach me? Thief. This card seems really good here to me. As a long time tarot reader, I can get a little serious and stuffy about my readings, but this is here to cut that all away. It’s so different and strange that it will help me take away all my unhelpful dogma around reading.
  5. How can I best learn and collaborate with you? The Dildo Wizard. LOL Let the messages penetrate. Accept the wisdom and let it really get inside. 😀
  6. What is the potential outcome of our working relationship? King Shit. I’ll improve as a reader and hone my craft even more by breaking down the rules and boundaries I’ve set for myself.

That was pretty much what I would expect from this deck. I’m trilled to work with it! I’ll be taking it seriously, as I do think that it has some interesting potential to read differently, but not too seriously, because this deck is just ridiculous.

Check it out and blessed be! <3