Cardinal- bird omens

Yesterday, I was getting dressed, getting ready to start my day.  And as I was doing so, there was a beautiful, bright red cardinal right outside the window next to my pillow.  I usually take bird sightings seriously, especially when they’re so blatant.  He (only the males are that bright) stayed for a few minutes, even when I approached the open window and began talking to him.

According to this website, cardinal energy is tied to ‘recognizing your self importance’.  I don’t think that means recognizing that you’re very self-important, but that you have a purpose.  Cardinal is ‘a signal to stop everything and look around’, and realize ‘where you are in that moment’.  I was getting ready for work.  (It seems like that’s all I do sometimes.)  Cardinal also ‘asks you to pay attention to what your body is telling you, and if necessary, take care of any health problems.’

My job hurts me.  A lot.  Whoever said that retail isn’t a physically challenging job just hasn’t done it before.  I keep twisting/wrenching my back, and I know I need to get it checked out.  I just have other catastrophes to deal with first.


Also, I HAVE decided to change the name of my town from Glint to Willowisp.  The idea was that it was something seen out of the corner of your eye.  Something that led you deeper into the forest on a search.  Maybe even something that only the initiated, magickal, or truly mad could see.  Glint sounds a bit more southern, but it doesn’t invoke the hippy/pagan roots of the town.  It also adds a touch more magick to the setting.

In my next few entries, I’m going to start introducing my characters.  I’ll probably share the short character sketches at the very least, and some reference pictures.  This is NOT procrastination.

Yes it is.


Just outside of Milledgeville