Camp NaNoWriMo

It begins in 8 days!


I have a few goals for this time, including working from an outline (not my specialty), updating my wordcount here every day (a la Cherie Priest), and cleaning my room.  That last one will be easy to do as I procrastinate. 

I’m going a bit out of order with this NaNo.  I’m going to start on the second book in my series, even though I still have about 25K words to write on the first one.  I have a reason for this.  I want all of my writing to be cohesive and easy, instead of freaking out and changing gears right in the middle of June as I start a second book.  I know what’s going to happen in the last 25K, so I know right where I want to pick up with the second book.  I think it should work.  I hope it will work.

Oh god, what the hell am I doIng??


Altar of Changes: 93,673

Altar of Wisdom: 0

Other things accomplished today: Grocery shopping and made homemade pizza.  Will color hair and polish nails later.

Mood: A bit bitchy.  Still dealing with breakup with Jake, and Joe has been snarky too with things on his mind.  Better I lock myself in the bedroom.  At least tomorrow is a fun day of playtesting the new D&D system and Saturday is a party/cookout.