Autumn Tide Tarot Reading

I try to give myself a reading at every solstice and equinox, but sometimes I forget.  Now that I’m really immersing myself in tarot, it’s a little easier to remember.  This reading is for the Autumn tide, or the time between Mabon and Yule.

I did a reading in 3 parts, with 4 cards each.  The top row is for the first third (Mabon- October 21st), the second row is for the second third (October 21st- November 21st), and the last row is for the last third of the Autumn season (November 21- Yule).

Autumn Tide Tarot Reading
Autumn Tide Tarot Reading

For the first third, we have the 8 of Swords reversed, the Shaman, 5 of Discs reversed, followed by our oracle card ‘The Lamp- Rememberance’.  I’m interpreting this as a sign that I’m setting myself free from my self-imposed restrictions (mostly those of a lack of self-confidence), and really embracing a deeper, more primal level in my spiritual practice.  I’m letting go of everything that has held me back, and using the knowledge I’ve gained over the past 20+ years to move forward with my spirituality.  These are all good things.  The Lamp also reminds me of everyone who has passed, and so yeah, I’m still grieving some things.  That’s natural, and OK.

For the second third, I pulled the 10 of Cups, 7 of Wands reversed, the Queen of Swords, and Vampire- Emotional Intelligence.  So that’s great!  What I’m doing in the first third will pay off, and it will involve new ideas and creativity, and probably team work with others.  (This is particularly relevant for a Facebook group I’ve started that I’m really excited about.)  The Vampire means that I’ll be working with others, as well as processing my own emotional issues, probably relating to the Rememberance of the Lamp in the first third of the Autumn tide.

In the last third, things get a little more complicated.  I have the Ace of Cups, 9 of Discs reversed, and Queen of Cups reversed.  The oracle card is Skull of Darkness- Blind Spots.  So financially, I’ll be facing some troubles, and that’s kind of expected for the period between November 21- Yule.  Lots of shopping.  Not a big surprise.  But it looks like I’ll be focusing on my spirituality, and there’s a danger that I’ll be ignoring my intuition.  I’ll have some ‘blind spots’ like the Skull of Darkness suggests.  So that’s definitely something to look out for.  To me, this feels like I might meet someone with the intention of continuing the teamwork from the 2nd third, but I may not pay attention to my intuitive feelings that their intentions aren’t pure.  That’s just one interpretation, and I’m sure that the truth of it will reveal itself when the time comes.

These decks are Sacred Circle Tarot by Anna Franklin and Paul Mason and The Halloween Oracle by Stacey Demarco and Jimmy Manton.  They have a really good feel for this time of year, , and I’m really working with them a lot right now.  It’s making me think about what I would use for Winter tide, Spring tide, and Summer tide.  I’ve never really considered having specific decks for specific times of year, but it feels right.

Happy Autumn and blessed be!  🙂


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