Poem- Haiku #4

Going out tonight With unpredictable friend Might be a strip club *************************** Tarot post today So many hours in the day Haiku copout

Poems- Haiku #3

I kinda forgot To write a poem today Another haiku ***************************** At least I will try To create two haikus As my punishment ***************************** Even better three April is NaPoWriMo month Thirty is a lot

Poem- Haiku #2

Haiku #2 Big panic attack My day is completely shot Haiku copout ***************** New moon intention Connecting with new people My candle is lit

Poem- Haiku #1

Peruvian food House work, Midnight Special, sex A happy full day ************* OK,  this was a bit of a cop-out,  but I was super busy today.   As referenced above.  🙂