Vine- Character sketch

VINE  (Capricorn)

Smells like: Rosewood

Patron deity:  It’s a surprise!

Color: Green, midnight blue, black

Music: World fusion

Food: Candy

Animal: Toad

Number: 8

Tree: Birch

Style: Colorful, crafty/punk, leather Domme when she dresses up

Eye Color: Grey blue → midnight blue

Hair Color: Blue → purple → iridescent black

Skin Color: Pale

Car: 1995 Jeep grand cherokee

House: Sprawling English manor, grey stone, lush gardens at the end of a long, gravel driveway

Distinguishing Characteristics: Dorky, sarcastic, fiercely protective of her family,

Job: Photography

Hobbies: Photography, watching horror movies, reading, brewing, gardening

Relationships: Partners are Bear and Trixie

Sexuality: Pansexual

Bad Habits: Candy, drinking, food as comfort, smothering people she cares about by trying to take care of them.


This is one of my reference photos.  Click the photo for a link to the original page.

Vine- a reference picture
Vine- a reference picture


Throw about 10 years and 50 lbs on her, and you’ll be pretty close.  🙂