Magickal Month- July

July is the 7th month of the year, named after Julius Caesar because it was his birth month. The ‘Dog Days of Summer’ begin in July as well. They’re associated with the star Sirius “The Dog Star”, which is rumored to bring drought, lethargy, madness, and bad luck with its return to the night sky….

Stones and Oils for Joy and Happiness

Happiness has been a little difficult to come by these days.  There’s so much violence in the world, whether it’s something as far-away and nebulous as foreign wars we don’t quite understand, or closer to home.  The events of Charlotteville, Va highlighted a depth and intensity of hate that a lot of us were barely…

Client Reading for Tulip- August 14, 2017- Eclipse spread

I’ll be offering 3 more of these readings before the solar eclipse on August 21st.  So you have a week to get yours here!