Poem- Throwaway Day

Throwaway Day Limbs heavy and sore, eyelids drooping. But I keep thinking about symmetry in art, And in nature, and in the heart. Soma (350mg) keeps me from the worst of it. It also keeps me dull, weak. So I feel every cold breeze as pain, Every move an assault. My mind creates all the…

Poem- Haiku #1

Peruvian food House work, Midnight Special, sex A happy full day ************* OK,  this was a bit of a cop-out,  but I was super busy today.   As referenced above.  🙂

Poem- Hedge

  Hedge Motley creatures, captive creeping Totem spirits on display Bright birds caged, flitting chirping Augury in flight, come what may Forest beasts, tracking sneaking Cavorting with the fae Ocean life, teeming brimming Primordial mother at play Mineral kingdom, waiting healing Veins of the earth, ancient ley Herbal helpers, growing thriving Healing the witch every…

Poem- She Turns

She Turns Stone to flesh, Her features resolve. Gardenia and moonflower, Jasmine and amber. Her eyes sparkle Reflecting her torch. She is the keeper of magick, Revealer of mysteries. Hers is the power of change, Instinct in action. Growing moon, magick increasing. Welcome to the crucible. She turns again Smile benevolent, She stands ready at…

Bad poetry- an apology

So on Friday, I’ll be starting a thing called NaPoWriMo, or National Poetry Writing Month.  I’m looking forward to it.  I’ll be posting a new poem here every day for the month of April.  You’ve been warned. Seriously, I haven’t written poetry since college, and it’s not likely to be super good. http://www.napowrimo.net