Personalized 3 card tarot reading



Hi! My name is Amie Ravenson, and I’ve been reading tarot since I was 12. I take a methodical approach to tarot, not just looking at the cards themselves, but focusing on the relationship between the cards, the elements that come up, and a bit of numerology as well. I bring it together with intuition, to give you a personalized, in-depth answer to your question.

This reading is versatile! You can ask a yes/no question, ask a simple question about your relationship, life events, your career, etc., or just see what the general tide of energies will be for the next week or so. I do this reading with several different decks, and will choose a deck based on your question, also choosing stones to help support the best outcome for you.

***Please ask your question in the comments section of the payment screen, or just ask for reading of general energies surrounding you.***

Cards will be drawn and interpreted for you upon receipt of payment, and a picture and the interpretation will be emailed to you. I will answer any questions that come up for you from the reading. I will return your reading within 48 hours, but usually within 24.

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