Past Life Tarot Reading



This is a brand new reading designed to help you tap into the energies of a past life. The first row asks ‘Who was I?’, the second row asks ‘What did I do?’, and the third row asks ‘What karma did I bring forward into this life?’. I’ve given this a few times now, and it’s resonated with everyone I’ve read. I use fossils in the reading, which helps to tie us to the past and process the lessons we were meant to learn.

If you feel like you’ve been dealing with some stuck or stagnant energy from the distant past, this is the reading for you!

Cards will be drawn and interpreted for you upon receipt of payment, and a picture and the interpretation will be emailed to you. You can also request an anonymous YouTube video of your reading for an additional $10. I will answer any questions that come up for you from the reading. I will return your reading within 48 hours, but usually within 24.

Please give me your email address in the notes for the order if you choose email, or a code name you would like to use if you choose video. Also feel free to ask any specific questions you may have!


Hi! My name is Amie Ravenson, and I’ve been reading tarot for over 30 years. I take a methodical approach to tarot, not just looking at the cards themselves, but focusing on the relationship between the cards, the elements that come up, and a bit of numerology as well. I bring it together with intuition, to give you a personalized, in-depth reading. I especially love helping clients through the transitions and in-between times in life!

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