78 Card Tarot Reading- Body, Mind, Soul, Emotions


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This is a thorough reading, involving every single card of the tarot deck! It takes an in-depth look at your life, focusing on the body, mind, soul, and emotions. It looks at past influences, and future events. It shows you what is under your control, what isn’t under your control, and gives advice from your ancestors and your higher power. This reading takes a little extra time to prepare because it’s so thorough, and there are so many cards to interpret.

Cards will be drawn and interpreted for you upon receipt of payment, and a picture and the interpretation will be emailed to you. I will answer any questions that come up for you from the reading. I will return your reading within 5 days at the maximum, but usually within 3 days.


Hi! My name is Amie Ravenson, and I’ve been reading tarot since I was 12. I take a methodical approach to tarot, not just looking at the cards themselves, but focusing on the relationship between the cards, the elements that come up, and a bit of numerology as well. I bring it together with intuition, to give you a personalized, in-depth answer to your question.

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