Poem- Clearing/cleansing spell for renewal


Clearing/cleansing spell for renewal

Cleaning and clearing, this space I renew.
Widdershins I travel, stagnation to undo.
I dust and I sweep, I get rid of clutter,
To let in new energy, the light of the mother.

No more will my life be ruled by these things.
I’m ready for new energy the universe now brings.
This space is now perfect, perfectly me.
Cleanse and renew, as I will it, so mote it be.


I just spent the day going through most of my altered art supplies.  I found two artists who are interested in the ephemera as well as a bunch of old art magazines I could never bring myself to let go of.  I’m SO HAPPY to have an excuse to finally get rid of all this stuff.  🙂

My body, however, is NOT happy.  Not happy at all.  *takes a Soma*


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