NaNo day 1

I wrote 2948 words, which is almost twice what I would nee to write per day to get it done by Nov 30.. I’m trying to build in a cushion for myself since I don’t know how training will go..

My worries so far? I have the attention span of a brain-damaged fish. Seriously. I used to be able to focus. What the fuck happened? I kept drifting to Fetlife, Farmville, Pandora, or various other places to find something shiny.. I could have and should have written much more.. But honestly, I just couldn’t make my clicky finger stop clicking.. :-/

What sucks is that this was the day that I was supposed to get like 5000 words so I could power through the beginning.. I even took the day off for it. I guess that might not be realistic since I’m not in the habit of writing, so this got me started on what will hopefully be a habit by the end of the month. We shall see..

Another thing that’s making my goal-driven brain feverish is the set of NaNoWriMo Merit Badges.

There are categories that I’ve already managed to earn, like ‘Abusing Caffeinated Beverages’. I drank two cups of coffee today, which is not at all normal for me, so CHECK!

There’s one for making friends, padding your word count through nefarious means, and of course there’s one for finishing. They’re small, round, brightly colored, and I must earn them all.. So I can iron them onto my messenger bag.. Because the idea of them just tickles the shit out of me.. I’m THAT dorky.. 🙂