Moth symbolism

moth (Photo credit: stuant63)

So, something you may not know about the Bear.  He’s 6’6″, 300+ lbs, sports a mean-looking mohawk, and generally looks bad ass.  However, he hates, hates HATES moths.  He runs from our porch steps to the door as quickly as possible, because their fluttery hijinx freak him out.  As his loving, doting wife, I obviously find this hilarious.

A few weeks ago, he spotted what he described as a huge greenish moth, and I think it was a luna moth that he saw.  But moths aren’t just popping up for him, I’m also finding them in strange places and dreams, as if they’re trying to get my attention.  So, being the superstitious person that I am, I decided to do some research into moth symbolism.

Luna Moth
Luna Moth (Photo credit: kpauli)

To me, on a completely intuitive level, the moth represents tenacity.  If you’ve ever seen a moth hurtle headfirst into a lightbulb over and over, you know what I mean.  They also try to do whatever they can to be near any light source, and will hang onto a window for HOURS if there’s a lightsource inside.

I could certainly use some tenacity in my life.  I’ll take that as a lesson.  My second job just ended (I worked for my parents’ shop for 19 years, and they just sold it), so it really is time for me to get serious about doing something good for myself.  On that note, I’ve been writing quite a lot, and I just got a new power cable for my laptop, so I will be able to edit Altar of Change.  I’m excited.  It may be somewhat publishable soon.  We’ll see.  🙂

Other moth symbolism: Lunar energies of intuition, psychic awareness, vulnerability, attraction, and determination.  Moths aren’t like butterflies who emerge from a soft chrysalis.  They build around themselves a hard, crunchy shell, and when they emerge, they’re very soft and vulnerable to the elements.  Like me.  (No elaboration needed.  :-D)

Seeing pink elephants...
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