Introducing Seeds of Magick!!

What is Seeds of Magick, you may ask? Well, it’s kind of a hybrid between journal prompts, life prompts, and monthly challenges. There is a SOM for every month of the year, and each month comes with a different theme. May’s theme, for example, is Nourishment and Growth, and contains prompts about wellness and personal growth. June’s theme is the elements and will look at the 5 elements, so on and so forth.

Each month includes information about the month, themes, tools, altar ideas, ideas for outings, a recipe, and a tarot card spread. It also includes a prompt for every single day that you can follow along with and journal, or just think deeply about. You also get a pdf that explains what Seeds of Magick is all about.

Would you like to join us? Visit Seeds of Magick here on Gumroad! There’s also a super secret, private Facebook group for those who are participating. We’ll see you there!